Spam getting past Akismet

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I’m not using this blog at the moment (havent for over a year), but I don’t want to lose the subdomain so I’m not deleting it.

However, I am now getting a constant/steady stream of spam comments which is not being picked up by Akismet. I don’t quite understand why, because on my main blog, where I also have Akismet, its working just fine to stop similar posted comments. I’ve got them going to moderation because I wanted to approve any comment with 1 or more links, but this stuff should be getting stopped and its not.

In any case, all commenting on this blog is now closed. Ditto pingbacks

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More Bali Bombs

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‘Blood pouring into the street’

October 2, 2005 – 5:43AM

Bodies lay on the darkened streets amid the shards of shattered glass, their last indignity covered by bloodied blankets.

Nearby lay more, stretched out on the sand or placed roughly on the tables of the fish cafes that were turned into impromptu mortuary slabs by the bombers who ripped apart the night in this seaside jewel of Bali’s tourism crown.

Set on an arc of golden sand, the tiny fishing village of Jimbaran is in an idyllic bay on the paradise island of Bali where the local catch is barbecued for romantic dinners.

Until today, when twin blasts ripped through two restaurants on the beachfront, a trip to Jimbaran was a must-do for those wanting to escape the island’s most famous beach of Kuta for some relative tranquility.

From The Sydney Morning Herald

There isn’t enough to say about this… not enough words, or tears or horror or grief.

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Does absolutely EVERYONE have a gMail account?

Posted on September 24, 2005. Filed under: Miscellaneous |

It would seem that by the number of invitations one is being given to hand out to all and sundry, the level of interest must be dying off.

That said, I have 4 gMail accounts, and every one of them is currently carrying 100 invites. I’ve already given my friends the willies with gMail invites, so now its time to offer them up on the blog.

If you want one, or even twenty, mail me at scarletc AT gmail DOT com

Sighhhh… I wish they would make it public and be done with it (yeah I know… mobile phone in the US will get you an account if you apply via gTalk). 100 invites per account makes a bit of a nonsense of beta testing.

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Dolphins in the Bay

Posted on September 22, 2005. Filed under: Miscellaneous |

Summer is almost upon us again, and the clear waters of Port Stephens beckoned.

Dolphin in Port Stephens, NSW, Australia.

The dolphins swam in lazy circles around the boat, and were generally unwilling to play, most of the time. (Perhaps they had just had lunch, and were resting.) This is the only decent shot I managed to get…

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