The More Things Change…

Posted on September 23, 2005. Filed under: Health, Politics |

…the more they remain the same.

I was given to thinking about this again, after seeing 4 Corners on Monday night.

All these fancy National Mental Health Plans are all very well but if you aren’t going to fund their application then you are pissing into the wind. And, quite frankly, thats all our various governments have ever done… about most things which matter. Like proper education for the kids. Like policing which makes sense. Same ol’ same ol’

Governments are serious about nothing except self-propagation. So they don’t really give a rat’s ass about the state of the health system or anything else, all they care about is votes. Getting more. Winning elections. So they will tell people what they want to hear. They promise anything and deliver… well… not a lot at all.

It’s all ceased to be about doing whats right for the country. It stopped a long time ago. I should have noticed, but I didn’t. Perhaps it had already begun before I became interested in politics. Its about the winning of elections, the getting of kudos from other countries’ governments which are perceived to be more powerful and thus more beneficial to us. Its a madness.

I want Direct Democracy, not this crap they label democracy but which is not even close to it. I want to feel like I really have a say in what happens. I want these politicians NEVER to forget that they are there because they are our employees. We pay the taxes, we pay their wages. The bastards need sacking at the moment, there is not one Australian politician that I trust to do the right thing for this country. Its a matter of power. Having it. Wanting more. Ideals getting corrupted.


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