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This is truly weird. The first entry on this site is bolded. I did not do it. I did not copy and paste the text from anywhere else. I simply overwrote the original first entry that every wordpress blog comes with. And I can NOT get rid of the bold type.

I have looked at the html, I have switched off the rtf editor so that I can see what’s happening and nothing makes any difference. Aside from deleting and starting over, I cannot see a solution.

Bug report time 😦


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The error is indeed in your content section:

Your book is going to sell, sell and sell. Let it be your monologue. If the questions appear to lead you into something difficult, refer the interviewer to the book. Just let it go, man. Many of us believe you already. But if you go on and on like a madman your credibility will be sunk. For good. </p>
<strong />

The strong HTML tag is written wrong, probably a result of some twist on the WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor, still in development and a bit buggy trying to literally read the poster’s HTML mind. 😉 You probably didn’t enter this on purpose, but it got in and it is recognized as the start of a bold/strong tag which highlights your next post on the front page.

Edit the post in HTML editing mode and clear out all the end tags. It should clean it up. If it doesn’t then let the developers know through the Feedback button on the Admin Panels (they might not see your report on your site) and they can look into this further.

Now, I’ve been having trouble posting to comments on sites, especially ones using this Theme. I’ve mentioned it to the developers and maybe they have fixed it. So I hope you get this comment.

Oh my… so its the following post that affected the first one. Interesting! and thanks! And the comment came in just fine, thanks Lorelle.

And… all fixed. Dang, it never occurred to me that it would be the following post. And me with 10 years of web design behind me. That will teach me to stop thinking properly!

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