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Lots of us thought he was well and truly shafted by his Party. The good old Labor Party in Australia loudly espouses loyalty and mateship and all that good stuff, but when it comes to lost elections, heads usually roll. The idiots still haven’t got the message that you need to actually support a leader beyond the lost election, and that the electorate is highly unlikely to trial a completely new Prime Minister when he’s a relative newcomer to leadership of his party. So its not only possible, but probable that he won’t win the election.

The Labor party seems to be as thick as two short planks where thats concerned, so, election after election, they of the mateship brigade, bless their double-standard little souls, dump their leader and find a new one, in the vague hope that he (never she, of course, Labor is also way too blokey) will lead them to victory next time around. They think that because Bob Hawke did it, so can anynone else. But they forget that Hawke was well known for his leadership qualities to the Australian electorate for years before he ever went into politics. His Trade Union activities ensured his success at the polls.

This week, Mark Latham has published his diaries. In them he has been, shall we say, very forthright. He has accused the Party of dirty doings, and individuals of extremely dirty doings. He has been interviewed on Andrew Denton’s “Enough Rope”, (which the Party attempted to stop from going to air, which makes one wonder just how much truth is in Mark’s accusations) and radio stations from here to Tuesday week.

The radio interviews have been played and replayed. And Mark, with a golden opportunity to make the Labor Party look like the good ol boys cabal that it is, is making a complete goose of himself. He is so angry and so driven, that he is not listening to the interviewers’ questions, and he’s really just getting into a monologue of the injustices visited upon him.

Mark, for the love of God, just SHUT UP and answer the questions. Your book is going to sell, sell and sell. Let it be your monologue. If the questions appear to lead you into something difficult, refer the interviewer to the book. Just let it go, man. Many of us believe you already. But if you go on and on like a madman your credibility will be sunk. For good.


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It was before the last election for me. Sunk. I never warmed to his media appearances, or many of the policies. They ought to give Julia a go and see how she fares, she’s much more media savvy than the rest of that lot. I loike her Aussie eirkcent tooo.

Would you mind if I added your blog to my list scarletc?

Julia is just wonderful, I think. I had an opportunity to meet with her recently but due to work commitments was unable.

Mark’s public persona is not great, never was great, and never will be. He had some decent notions though.

And yes, you may add me, indeed. And now I shall have to go read you, Craig 🙂

Latham presented early as a visionary breath of fresh air, but ran the most boring campaign in recent memory. He’s now proven himself to be a thug, dumping on his ex-wife and colleagues. Lucky we didn’t elect him PM.

May links to this site be made to “Oh, Bother”?

And apparently he has also totally cruelled any chance Julia might have had at the leadership in future by saying that he thought she was the only decent one amongst them. Mind you, thug or no, I am inclined to agree with him.

And yes, links are okay. I don’t mind who links to me at all 🙂 Reciprocity is good, too, Michael, I am intending to add Craig, and you too if thats okay.

Sure Scarlet, a link would be welcome. It’s a shame about Julia. A fine and worthy career has been scuttled, perhaps forever. Mark should have used his brain, instead of his pen, if he wanted her to become leader.

Julia is a good woman, IMO. I can only hope that the Labor good ol boys will show some barking sense in the future. Kim is not a leader. He doesnt even make a decent teddybear anymore. His speech is stilted and his hand movements badly choreographed. Lord I hope they see sense before the next election. If they dont, we will have the Costello to deal with and that is not going to be pleasant. If we thought Howard was a nightmare, wait til Costello takes over. sighhhh.

I reckon there will be a push for Downer or Abbott to replace Howard from the conservative camp, so don’t bank on Costello. I don’t rule out Nelson and Turnbull from the other side either. That’s a radical thought, I know. It depends on how long Howard hangs around. The longer he stays, the less likely Costello will replace him.

As for Labor, I agree re Beazley. Macklin is a token as deputy. It’s Rudd or Gillard to succeed him and Latham has poisoned Julia’s chances for now. She needs time.

I’m never sure about Rudd. One thing I do know is that whatever they decide they need to stick with it for more than a minute. Beazley should never have been an option after Latham… Rudd and Gillard pulling out of contention for the leadership was a mistake. I don’t know who’s pulling the strings there, but whoever it is, they haven’t a clue about the electorate.

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